In Year 2A, we are changing the way we do spelling tests. Each child has a list of words that they need to know how to spell by the end of the year. I have given each child a post it note in their diary with some of the spellings they have found challenging. Once they know these, they will then be given a new post it note. When they have got so many correct, they will get a certificate. Below is the list of words they need to be able to spell by the end of the year. I am more than happy to answer any questions and can also give you a copy of where your child is up to. Thanks in advance for all your support with reading and spelling. 

Mrs Abraham

Y2 HFW and Tricky Word Assessment

Germs are everywhere!

We have been learning about what germs are and why some germs are important for our bodies. Today we used hair gel and glitter to model what happens when you sneeze and how the germs spread. The children were very excited and now know the rules to follow:

  1. Wash hands with soap and warm water
  2. Only use a tissue once and then put it into a bin
  3. Use a tissue when you sneeze and keep your hands over your mouth


ash Onl

SWAP workshop

We have been really lucky to have Nuffield Health Gym providing Y2 with workshops on keeping healthy. The children have learnt:

  • What a balanced diet is
  • New 5 minute exercises that they can do
  • How to keep hydrated
  • Why sleep is important

Thank you so much to Raina for all her help and support with the sessions.





Our trip to Communitree was the best! The children learnt all about what it was like to be an explorer. This included making dens, cooking on the fire and climbing trees. Take a look at our gallery of photographs that we took throughout the day.

Suitable Materials

In Science, the children have been learning about different materials. They found out what they are best used for and how they can be changed. We recently set the children a challenge to create a box to keep the egg safe using different materials so that when the box is dropped, the egg wont crack.

The children worked in small teams and were determined throughout.

Weaving Masters

The children have been practising many different art skills since we have returned to school with one of those being weaving. The children chose their own colours and practised making a pattern by weaving different strips of paper.

Take a look at their superb patterns.

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