Wire Superheroes

Yesterday, we started our new art project which is linked closely with out topic all abut superheroes. We started of the lesson looking at why superheroes do certain poses and practised a few of our own poses as a class. We then took some pictures of each other and created our own wire models of our poses. To make our models we had to bend and twist metal wire into the correct shape; thinking about where our arms, legs, elbows and knees are on our body. Here is what we created: 

Next week we are going to add Plasticine to create the idea of muscles. 

How are germs spread?

Today we discussed GERMS! As a class we talked about what we think germs are and where they come from – the children knew that germs lived in their saliva, bogies and their poo! We also talked about how germs are spread and we carried out a little activity to show how quickly germs spread. 

We mixed together hair gel (children said that was the gooey part) and glitter (bacteria) and the children dipped their hands into the germs. They then went around and spread their germs. 

Please talk to your children about germs and washing hands.

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