Another very busy week for Year 3A!

Look at all the amazing things we have been up to this week.

For refugee week, we have enjoyed writing about all the things we would like to include in a world if we were in charge.  We have practised our times tables and done lots of new maths on My Maths.  We have learnt a new song and had a go at dancing the samba. 

Mia making sure she keeps practising her reading.  I’m sure your gerbil loved the story 🙂   This made me smile!  Who do you like reading to at home?

Abu Huraira worked hard completing his comprehension linked to our Geography work  – Volcanoes.  He completed his work all about pollination as well as writing a newspaper report about aliens landing.

Jack, Rose and Mia all made fantastic efforts to write about the world they imagined if they were to be in charge.  I love how creative they are.


Click on the link below to read Mia’s Poem, she did an amazing job!

Imagine Poem Mia

More wonderful writing from Mia – A great log with excellent use of fronted adverbials, adventurous vocabulary and inverted commas.


Wonderful card making from Abdullah!  I am sure dad will be very proud of your fantastic efforts.


Writing Support Video

We are very excited to introduce our writing support videos.  I can’t wait to see more of your writing outcomes this week.  Thank you to all the parents who have done such a wonderful job of being substitute teacher this last term, we really do appreciate it. 

Remember there are certificates and prizes to be won for the writer of the week too!

8th-12th June

Here are some photographs of the activities the children have been up to this week:

Abdullah’s artwork
Harlow newspaper work
Harlow’s heart hands
Mansi and Khush volcano 2
Mansi and Khush volcano 3
Mansi and Khush volcano
Mansi heart hands
Mia’s Newspaper work
Mia’s prediction
Reading pro quiz
Rose’s Fronted adverbials
Rose’s Map
Rose’s Newspaper headings
Rose’s Newspaper report
Ryan and siblings kidzbop dancing
Ryan lockdown writing
Ryan work on planets
Ryan writing
Ryan’s fairy cake making
Ryan’s maths
Ryan’s tower challenge 2
Ryan’s tower challenge

Week commencing 1.6.20

Wow! What an amazing week!  Look at all the amazing work you have been doing this week.

From questions for aliens, superb sentences using commas and work linked to our geography and science topics, we have been very busy! 

Let’s not forget all the wonderful online work you are doing to make sure you do not fall behind with your Maths, spelling and grammar skills.

Keep up the hard work, I am so impressed with your dedication.

Luke and Elliot watching Space X

Mia wrote her questions and did her wonderful sentences with commas too.

More great work from Mia

Mia weekly writing task Tues 2.6

Rose has been working diligently improving her comprehension skills as well as improving her grammar through writing some excellent sentences too.  I particularly love the made up alien compound words.  Can you put two words together to make up your own word and give it a meaning?

What do you think about my word?

Melonwing – A humongous bird that is too large to fly so has to inflate itself into a round melon to allow it to float though the sky.

Jumblebush – A bush that gives 6 different fruits but all jumbled up.  The combination could be a mix of strawberries/orange   raspberry/grape  lemon/grapefruit.  I don’t think I would want the last combination, would you?

Can you come up with some of your own?

Jack had some great questions too!

Abu Hurairas’s comprehension work and questions to his alien were very impressive.

Harlow had great questions too.

He went on to do his science work and help big sister Penny out too.  He has been busy doing lots of great home learning.  I love how it’s a family event.  

Funny Cheeseburger Art

Look at the amazing artwork from 3A!  Lots of future budding artists I think.  I am really pleased with how you have taken your time and tried to be so accurate. 

I loved the extra artwork you did, although it made me very hungry!

Keep up the great work. 

Harlow’s funny cheeseburger

Jack’s funny cheeseburger

Layla hard at work 

Mia’s amazing artwork definitely made me hungry!

Extra amazing alien dinosaur work from Harlow