Winter sing off 2019

We have been practising our song ‘Merry Christmas Everyone’ by Shakin’ Stevens for the last few weeks with Mr Mayo.  We have been perfecting our singing and working out how we should perform our hit.   

Update – We performed our Winter Sing Off song to the whole school, the judges were very impressed with how we included saxophone players, musical bells, a duet and some great dance moves.  

Each class voted and we won the Best Musicality Award!!

Have a great Christmas and a lovely new year!!


Magnet experiment to find the strongest magnet

We have been learning about how magnets work and what makes two magnets repel or attract to each other.  We designed an experiment to see which magnet would be able to lift the most paperclips.  We looked at how to keep the test fair and which variables we were going to change.  We made our predictions and then completed our experiment, completing a table to show our findings.

Parliament week

We have been learning all about foxes, we know what they eat, how they hunt and where they live.  We looked at facts and had to decide whether we thought foxes should be classed as vermin or not.  We practised writing persuasive sentences to convince the other side, our opinion was correct.  

As part of Parliament week we took part in a debate, Mrs Ali thought both sides spoke confidently and with conviction.  The Year 4  pupils acted as members of parliament and took a democratic vote.  They voted that foxes should not be classed as vermin.

Stone Age Assembly

We had great fun performing our assembly.  We have learnt so many facts about the Stone Age, it was hard deciding what to include in our assembly.  We wrote our assembly together thinking about all the different facts we had learnt.  We included our own prehistoric style dance and song to the tune of ‘We will rock you’.  We even included our own version of Homes under the hammer showcasing the differences in lifestyle for people living in the Stone Age and the Bronze Age.

Chocolate rocks

We showed how sedimentary, metamorphic and igneous rock is made using chocolate.  We grated milk and white chocolate and layered them into transparent see-through cups.  As we added pressure to the chocolate we saw how the different layers of sedimentary rocks are made.

We added heat and pressure by squeezing the chocolate into a sphere between a layer of cling film.  It was able to change shape. (Metamorphic rock)

Finally we looked at how igneous rock is made, we heated the rock it melted like molten lava, once it dried it looked like igneous rock.


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