Screen Addiction

Today 4A have been looking at the impact of screen addiction on young children. Their creative elements were tested as they had to create a new product that would help to reduce screen addiction, it’s some very convincing adverts. 

Well done 4A!



Egyptologist Stay and Learn

Today, 4A had an amazing time as part of our Egypt topic: we had our very own Egyptologist come and visit us! He gave us a wonderful insight into the life of Ancient Egyptians and it was an excellent way to round off our topic for this half-term.

We got to go through some amazing new discoveries, discussed how mummies were made with a role-playing activity, before finally inviting parents in to wrap them up like mummies too! 

A huge thank you to Michael and Freya for their hard work today – the session was excellent and the children left talking about it extremely enthusiastically!

Historical Detectives

Last Monday, 4A became historical detectives when researching all about the Ancient Egyptian pyramid building process. They had 16 clues to look at, courtesy of ‘Key Stage History’, and in pairs, they had to decide whether or not ‘slaves’ built the pyramids or not.

The class were not completely unanimous, but they certainly agreed as a class that the slaves did not build the pyramids.

Fabulous work, 4A!


The Great Pyramid of Giza

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