Delightful Design Work

Year 4 were tasked with creating a design of something this week, using things that they could find around the home, and, trying to make 3D shapes using paper/card. Two particular entries came in that were superb!

Brilliant job Hania and Nina! 

Odd One Out

Year 4 have been looking at a resource from Explorify, called Odd One Out. Yesterday, they looked at this image:

Nina said the human was the odd one out as it is the only one not hanging from a tree.

Millie also said the human, but because it is civilised and not in the wild.

However, Penny said the odd one out is the bat because the other two are diurnal, and the bat is nocturnal.

Great work guys!

Reading Questions

Hi everyone!

I would love to know what books you are reading at the moment, but I would love you to ask questions about it to see if I can guess what you are reading.

Post them in the comments below and I will try and guess your book!

-Mr A-

Writer of the Week

Well done to Maryam for winning Writer of the Week! I think you can all agree this piece of writing is worthy of winning the prize!

Make sure you take another look at the video next week and submit your work to be in with a chance of winning!


Planet Descriptions

4A have been working really hard on their writing, and these pieces all about their own planets are superb! They were asked to write a setting description with a range of openers, quality vocabulary and a purpose for the audience: to make them imagine they were actually there. Take a look below!


At Devonshire Road, we are committed to being as welcoming as possible. This week, it is Refugee Week 2020, and the theme is ‘Imagine’. We kicked it off on Monday with some ‘Welcome’ signs – here are some of the images that were sent in by Miriam and Nina.