Amazing Work

Take a look at some of the fabulous work below that was produced today for our writing task based on a fantasy-style setting. I think you’ll all agree that these pieces of work are brilliant!

(To see a larger version of the image, please click the individual photo).

Keep up the hard work everyone!

Mr A

Home Learning – Day 2

Our blog post today comes with images! Take a look at some of the amazing progress and work that you guys have been doing whilst at home:






Our knowledge points are increasing all the time when we complete Read Theory quizzes – keep it up guys!

Alex Bell Author Skype

Today, as part of our English unit, we managed to have an amazing experience: Y4 Skyped Alex Bell, the author of the Polar Bear Explorer’s Club!

There were questions galore, ranging from queries about the characters in the book, all the way through to her personal life and pets that she has at her home (two Siamese cats, by the way!). Alex has even provided us with a postcard writing competition, which she will judge the winner of. It was an incredible opportunity, and we are so thankful to Alex for allowing us to speak with her about her journey to become an author.