Music Therapy

Welcome to 4I! It’s been wonderful to have the children back in school and settling into learning again. 4I have been absolutely amazing, showing me how enthusiastic and resilient they are. I am so proud! 

Here are some photos of the children enjoying a Music Therapy session during our Wellbeing time – we listened to some Rock n’ Roll, Jazz, R n’ B and film soundtracks, writing all about how the pieces of music made us feel, the colours that went with the music and the instruments we could hear. 

– Mrs Ingram


Odd One Out

Year 4 have been looking at a resource from Explorify, called Odd One Out. Yesterday, they looked at this image:

Nina said the human was the odd one out as it is the only one not hanging from a tree.

Millie also said the human, but because it is civilised and not in the wild.

However, Penny said the odd one out is the bat because the other two are diurnal, and the bat is nocturnal.

Great work guys!

Reading Questions

Hi everyone!

I would love to know what books you are reading at the moment, but I would love you to ask questions about it to see if I can guess what you are reading.

Post them in the comments below and I will try and guess your book!

-Mr A-

Planet Descriptions

4I have been working really hard on their writing, and these pieces all about their own planets are superb! They were asked to write a setting description with a range of openers, quality vocabulary and a purpose for the audience: to make them imagine they were actually there. Take a look below!