A Day with Michael Eastwood – the amazing Egyptologist!

Year 4 have absolutely loved our Ancient Egyptian history topic this half term, and we have been lucky enough to have visits from the highly-knowledgeable and talented Michael Eastwood. Michael has studied Ancient Egypt from a very young age and has been sharing some fascinating facts to broaden and strengthenĀ our understanding.

Come back later on to see the children become ancient Egyptians and wrap up a mummy!

4 thoughts on “A Day with Michael Eastwood – the amazing Egyptologist!”

  1. I loved working with mr Michael he is so funny .
    He was amazing and very brave to share such a sad story about a mummy. Goodbye Mr Michael I wish you look at your next school. Never stop trying to find a tomb because if you want to you should be resilient and try and try again. Make the biggest discovery in the world. I loved your magic tricks I’ve been practising .

  2. I love the lesson with Michel Eastwood.We were all laughing all the way through!It was hilarious when he used Heidi’s hands as a chair!I love all his magic tricks but I will admit,i can do the “I took my thumb off”trick.Our “well good” lesson has cheered me up a lot.I wish he could come back.As Heidi said,Michel Eastwood was sooo brave and managed to share such a sad story with me and the class,at least we had the most fun we could ever have with him.I wish he could come back.If you can,please can you ask him if he could come back to our school again and then we can have 2 teachers for a day which will be you and Michel?


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