Art makes us happy.

Hey everyone!

I thought I’d share some of our awesome artwork that’s been trickling in over the last few days. Our task for Art this week was to recreate a silhouette piece with a colourful background… how beautiful are these? Well done Millie, Penny, Layla, Steven and Heer.

Last week, I challenged the children to design a long-stemmed flower… the idea is, they will all be cut out and put together to make a beautiful class bunch! If you haven’t done this yet, you’ve still got time – send yours in this week so we can send our bunch of flowers to the people we love!

Have a great day – Mrs I

3 thoughts on “Art makes us happy.”

  1. I absolutely love these! Art is such a great way to improve our moods! I think I may use some of your work as an inspiration, and I’ll get my pencils and paper out myself!


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