You Are All Amazing!

Happy Friday, everyone! 

Here is some more of our fantastic work from 4I. The children have been getting creative at home; making dens, delivering homemade baking and getting arty with colours as well as re-creating wonderful places from photos on Purple Mash.


Here’s Millie working on her EdStart challenges – have you been trying them out, too? Millie has also created a fantastic workout plan – try it out and let us know in the comments if you’ve been working out, too!

Here is some of the cooking we’ve been doing! Luke has done step-by-step picture tutorial for preparing a sandwich, and here are the most amazing looking cake pops made by Heer… stuffed with Nutella! Om nom nom….

Earlier in the week, I set 4I a challenge to create their own stop motion film. Click here to watch Layla’s stop motion film!

I think you’re all absolutely amazing and I’m so proud of every single one of you. I hope you all have a wonderful half term – have a rest, relax, do lots of fun things and make the most of every minute.

Take care and remember – Shoot for the moon… Even if you miss, you’ll land among the stars.

– Mrs Ingram

Who fancies a holiday?

This week, I challenged the children to design their own holiday resort maps, write persuasive paragraphs and begin putting ideas together for their own resort guidebooks. Here are some of the wonderful pieces of work I’ve had sent across.

I think you’ve done a brilliant job so far and can’t wait to see what else you come up with! 

– Mrs I

Innovative Ideas

Last week, I set 4I a challenge to answer some interview questions as Thomas Edison, writing all about his life and inventions. Here are a couple of examples of their fabulous work! 

Heer got creative over the weekend, and she made a beautiful, cosy lamp! Who would love to read a book snuggled up in a blanket with this lamp on?

Here are a couple of compositions that the children have come up with, using the music programme Kandinsky. I think they look brilliant! Have a go yourself by clicking here. 

Hope you all have a lovely week! – Mrs I

You’ve Got Mail!

Here is a selection of the beautiful postcards and letters that 4I have been writing today. Some say letter-writing is a lost art… but it doesn’t have to be! From a warm-hearted thank you to a long catch up, a letter is the perfect way to let someone know how you’re feeling and how things are going. I really do have such a kind and thoughtful class!

I miss you all, 4I! Have an amazing weekend and I will be in touch on Monday. – Mrs I


Felt-tip patterns!

Here is an amazing piece of artwork created by Laqesha. She’s used felt-tip pens to colour small squares and rectangles in patterns, creating a very vivid effect! How amazing does it look? 

Pick up some felt-tipped colours and give it a try yourself. Make sure you don’t leave any white spaces and see what patterns you can create!



Art makes us happy.

Hey everyone!

I thought I’d share some of our awesome artwork that’s been trickling in over the last few days. Our task for Art this week was to recreate a silhouette piece with a colourful background… how beautiful are these? Well done Millie, Penny, Layla, Steven and Heer.

Last week, I challenged the children to design a long-stemmed flower… the idea is, they will all be cut out and put together to make a beautiful class bunch! If you haven’t done this yet, you’ve still got time – send yours in this week so we can send our bunch of flowers to the people we love!

Have a great day – Mrs I

What else have we been up to?

Hi guys,

I hope you’re all winding down now for a long, restful weekend. Or, you might be choosing to spend your time getting out and exercising as much as you can, being active and super busy! It’s up to you. Here are some of the bits and bobs we’ve been getting up to this week…

We’ve had fantastic VE Day bunting designs, artwork for the NHS, EdStart’s throwing and jumping challenges, clay animal-making and even cuddles with kittens!

Stay safe and keep well! – Mrs Ingram

Warm-hearted Wednesdays

I’ve been so, so impressed with the fabulous work 4I have been getting on with at home, showing resilience and making their best effort to produce beautiful writing, artwork, Maths, Science challenges… you name it, they’ve done it. Here are some wonderful pieces that have warmed my heart so far this week.

I challenged the children to follow step-by-step videos to try and recreate their own artwork. Here are some fabulous flowers by Heidi, Millie and Penny, along with a super still-life from Raphael and an on-point portrait from Steven.

We’ve had some wonderful habitat designs for a moorhen in Science along with river studies and an environment poster for Geography:

Check out the river we looked at here – it’s a 360˚ video that lets you move around and look at the world around the rushing water! 

And finally, we’ve had some brilliant writing based on the short animated Pixar film, The Blue Umbrella. I challenged the children to describe scenes from the story, create their own comic strip and even write a diary entry as the main character. If you’d like to watch the film, click here.

Keep up all the amazing effort, 4I. I am so proud of you all! – Mrs Ingram

Newspaper reports and building towers!

Hi, everyone!

Here are some of our absolutely fabulous newspaper reports sent in last week. 4I were challenged to imagine that they discovered something incredible while digging in their garden. This is what they found…

We also had a D&T challenge to build a tower. It had to be as tall as possible but free-standing, made from any materials at all. Here are some of the children’s towers!

Well done for another week of amazing resilience and fantastic work, 4I. I’m so proud of you all!

– Mrs Ingram

Wonderful Wednesday Work

Hey guys! Here is some more wonderful work from 4I. I challenged the children to write a book review of their current book, and here are a few of the amazing examples they’ve completed:

Here are some beautiful posters the children have created in support of protecting our oceans for our Water and Rivers topic. There are some very eye-catching designs here!

And finally, here are some of the children’s own adventures at home – Luke and Millie have been baking, plus some slime-making, too! Keep on having fun at home and send in your pictures.

– Mrs Ingram