Fabulous Friday work!

Happy Friday, everyone!

I’d like to share some of the fabulous work 4I have been doing. Here are some beautiful nature poems/notes that the children have been collecting together ideas for all this week:

Here is some amazing artwork the children have created, including a couple of brilliant Banksy-inspired pieces:

Would you like to try to recreate a piece of Banksy’s street art? See if you can have a go.

Have a lovely weekend, everyone! Keep safe and well. – Mrs Ingram

R is for Resilience!

Here are just some of our amazing 4I learners doing their best to keep going. At times, things are hard, and we might want to give up, but we don’t. I’m so proud of everyone for showing resilience and making the most of their time at home. Keep going and be the best that you can be!


Outstanding writing from 4I!

This week, I have been lucky enough to receive some fantastic writing from the children in 4I. Today was absolutely no exception! I’m so proud of each and every one of you for sending in such wonderful pieces of work – not just writing, but also Maths, Art work, Science and pictures/videos of you making the most of every day. Have a wonderful weekend!

Recyclable Material Collage

Hi guys! Here are some wonderful collages using recyclable materials. This butterfly was made by Millie, to give you some inspiration! Can you spot all the materials she’s used? Have a try at your own recyclable material collage over the next few days and send them in.

Here is Penny’s wonderful collage work – she’s used pencil sharpenings to create a ballerina and a fish! Can you try it? We will definitely be having a go at this once we’re all back to school!

Inspiration from everyone

Once again, thank you all so much for sending in your amazing work. You’ve shown so much resilience this week and you’ve kept going, producing some brilliant pieces of writing, Maths, research and artwork. Please do keep sending it what you can and we will share it all once we’re back to school.

Here are just a few more examples! 

Congratulations, Laqesha!

Huge congratulations to our very own Laqesha, the winner of the “Show Racism the Red Card” writing competition. Her amazing poem fighting against injustice was read and loved by a panel of judges who chose her as the winner from Years 1 – 4.

We are very proud of her at Devonshire Road and can’t wait to see her attend the competition ceremony in the future!

More Home Learning

It has been so wonderful to continue receiving so much brilliant home learning from the children. It’s been especially touching to see the children reflecting on our current situation with their writing and design ideas, too. Thank you so much for all your hard work; keep it up and remember to spend some time in the sunshine!