Viking Runes

Viking Runes
The Vikings had their own system of writing called Runes. The basic alphabet had 16 letters. Can you write your name and a secret message to your friend?
Can you decipher the messages written by some of the children?

He did it!

We are very happy that the inspirational fundraising efforts of Captain Tom Moore has been recognised and he is going to receive a knighthood! I’m sure your super letters helped too!😉

Victorious Vikings!

Today we learnt all about the Vikings. We wrote our names in Viking runes, made our own weaponry and learned about the Viking Gods and the different worlds they believed existed. Take a look at William’s fantastic description of Asgard- City of the Gods. 

Snack Attack

Year 5 were asked to recount the story of ‘Snack Attack’ and say how their perceptions changed from beginning to end. The video is designed to make you think that the young boy ate the cookies, it is almost assumed that because he is a young teenager that he would do such a thing. In fact, he is very calm and generous considering it was the granny eating his snack and without asking. It just goes to show you that not everything is as it seems and we should know more about a person, a situation, or check our purses before making assumptions.