Writing Winners

We have been seeing some amazing writing and it has been very hard to choose winners, but here they are:

I can’t stop quivering. This walk took years of planning and is vastly illegal.Why would I do something like this? A lot of people ask me this question. Well here’s the answer. Life is like a rollercoaster: you need to enjoy it while it lasts. You shouldn’t live being petrified of everything. Be spontaneous. Live for thrill and excitement. That’s what I always say. However, a lot of the time I ask myself questions like, “Are you crazy? Will I succeed? What is wrong with you?” but the rush of living dangerously always wins me over. I was about to walk 200 feet between very tall towers. What could go wrong?

Bags of sweat ran down my forehead; I had butterflies in my stomach. I kept on saying to myself to not worry and that everything was going to be fine but I knew the exceedingly high risks of this stunt. I needed to focus. I could hear the beautiful birds tuneful chirps; their wings flapped to the beat of my heart. For a second, everything went silent. I couldn’t even hear the crowds varied shouts. Pure silence. I just kept on walking. Walking to the end of my destiny. This was life and death. The only thing add here to the voices in my head telling me that I could do it. Could I?

I did it! I really did it. I jumped up and down; My smile was as big as an elephant. I ran to my loved ones and gave them a huge hug. It feeling was exhilarating! I had accomplished one of the biggest stunts ever done. You wouldn’t believe how much work I put into this. Its like I’m on top the world! Everything has gone to plan and I am on cloud nine. I didn’t care what people thought about me or if they doubted if me. I believed in myself and my passion. And I did it. This just proves that you can do ANYTHING and I mean ANYTHING that you set your mind to. I overcame every obstacle that stood in my way of pursuing this. I have made an outstanding achievement. And it feels great.
By Shalom


Over the last 2 weeks, the pupils have been working very hard and the following certificates have been awarded:

English certificates to Jack, Daisy, Aminah, Sanya, Neeraj and Shalom.

Reading certificate to Jack.

Science certificates to Neeraj and Shalom.

Consistent effort certificate to Yahya.

Well done all of you!


So far this half term, certificates have been awarded for:

Maths – Ibraheem

Reading – Jack and Neeraj

Effort – Daisy and Yahya

English – Daisy, Daniel and William H

Spelling – Neeraj

Cookery – William H

Original thinking – Shalom

Who will impress me next?

Writing lesson week commencing 29th June

After last week’s video, Mrs Smith, Miss Winstanley and I were delighted to read amazing pieces of work from you guys and award lots of dojos! Congratulations to Zain and Shalom who were our winners…. maybe you will win this week? Take a look at our latest video to find out what this week’s writing entails!

New Topic

Our Vikings topic has come to an end. I have seen some fantastic pieces of work and several children and parents have told me that they have enjoyed this. We are now starting our new topic on WW1. We will be looking at the causes of the war and about life for men, women, children and even animals. We are also researching several religions, and people from those religions, and will add this together to create a book by the end of term.

Special reply…

On the 30th April, your letters addressed to the Queen were posted to Buckingham Palace with the hope that we could persuade her to award Captain Tom a knighthood for his triumphant charity work. At the end of May, it was announced he would be knighted, which we were delighted about! Then yesterday, we received a special letter which had been posted from Windsor Castle! Take a look at it below. We are so proud.

Writing video week beginning 22nd June

We are very excited to share our first writing video with you. Remember you can pause it at any stage and keep referring back to throughout the week as you may wish to spread your writing across a few days. We can’t wait to see the end product! Send it over to the Year 5 email address to be in with a chance of winning for your class….