The Promise

The book we are looking at this half term in English is The Promise. On Friday, Haniya fantastically acted as the little girl in the middle of the depressed city surrounded by the railings. When she tried to escape, the railings, in turn, commented on how nasty and cruel she was stealing from an old lady. It wasn’t until they listened to how she had no other choice and was desperate that the railings realised she was just trying to survive. Fantastic lesson full of empathy!


Rainforest Creatures

Over the next few weeks in Art, we are looking at photographs of rainforests creatures and replicating them by drawing our own. We are altering and adapting them and will be using coloured pencils and paint to give them colour. We are also looking at scale this half term and enlarging our pictures whilst still drawing an accurate animal image. Interestingly, we have learnt that artists rarely represent objects accurately unless they have their subject in front of them to look at. 
Here is the start of our journey…


Magdalene Odundo

This week in Art, we looked at ceramic work created by Magdalene Odundo. She designs her ceramics first on paper using chalk before applying her skills to mould clay. Here are our pictures of recreating her designs and designing our own based on Magdalene’s techniques.



In Art this week, we looked at the World War 1 image “gassed”. We looked at how it does/doesn’t fit in with British Values and then we recreated the image in the hall. The children used toilet paper as lint, holding onto their partner in front to show their slow walk to death.




The children have looked at all the types of constellations and learned their own star signs. We used pasta, black tissue paper and white-tac to recreate our own versions. Some will be shown in our class assembly tomorrow! We hope you can come to watch their learning in action!






Vast Space

To understand how small we really are on Earth, the children used glitter on black paper to identify all stars and solar systems in the Universe and put into perspective how many undiscovered things are out there! This helped the children with their introduction ready for our debate about aliens on Friday.