Show Racism the Red Card

Early this term Devonshire Road took part in the Show Racism the Red Card School Competition 2020. I  EXTREMELY proud to announce that an independent panel of judges, in the Year 5-6 Creative Writing Category,  have selected:

Lydia (poem) & Zaydan (artwork) from Y6B!

They will receive a prize and get to attend the 2020 Awards Ceremony, which will be held at a prestigious venue. How exciting!

Have a click on the photo to see the amazing work that was submitted as leave a comment to share your thoughts 🙂. Well done Lydia and Zaydan!!




5 thoughts on “Show Racism the Red Card”

  1. WOW well done guys! I got chills when I heard this – you beat everyone else in the country to get there with your hard work!

  2. Amazing work Lydia and Zaydan! Gave me goosebumps when I read it ✨ You should both be proud of yourselves! Well done!! ⭐

  3. Wow! What an amazing achievement! Well done Zaydan and Lydia, you should be so proud of yourselves! A brilliant message to everyone.


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