Tuesday 12th May

Morning Year 6 🙂
Thank you for all your hard work yesterday! The winner of the TT Rockstar battle were….6HB!
 This morning, we will be posting a question on the blog for you to comment your answer on.
Today we would like you to:
Daily challenge from Ed Start:
1) Please visit https://resources.whiterosemaths.com/wp-content/uploads/2020/05/Year-6-Week-4.pdf and watch the video for lesson 2 ‘multiply fractions by fractions’ before completing the questions we have attached. Answers are also attached.
2) TT RockStar battle 6B vs 6HB
We have set the battle all day 8(:45 – 3:30) so we would love to see everybodies name feature on that score board today 🙂
We would like you to log into LBQ and complete the TWO tasks set on called ‘Use synonyms and Antonyms’ as well as a spelling activity on ‘Adding Suffixes -ate, -ise and -ify’.
6B: cjd
6HB: vmt
Creative Art
Have a go at creative some natural art! To mix things up, the pencils and crayons to one side and look for natural art instead. Collect fallen leaves/petals/sticks and then use them to make a picture or sculpture. Please make sure you don’t pick flowers however. If not, why not use objects and tools from around your house? Have a look at the photo below for inspiration!

We look forward to seeing all your hard work 🙂,

Miss Brockless & Mrs Hayton-Brooke

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