Tuesday 19th May

Good Morning Year 6 🙂
Great effort yesterday! Lovely to see some rainbows from the drawing challenge. If you didn’t send us yours, you can comment on the school Facebook rainbow post with your picture later today. Today’s challenge is to draw someone or people you love (or really like)- could be friends, family, someone famous etc.
Great to see some of you are sending your videos with a chance of winning a Guinness World Record! If you haven’t had a go yet… see the link below. 
Want to achieve a GUINNESS WORLD RECORD? TT Rock stars have set a competition…
After some conversations we have created a new title – “the highest score achieved on ‘Times Tables Rock Stars in one minute!” To make an Official Attempt, players need to record a video of themselves achieving their highest score in the Studio* and send the video to support@mathscircle.com by 23:59 UK time on 4th June 2020.

Today we would like you to:
Daily challenge from Ed Start :
 Challenge: What about 20cm? How wide can you jump?
1)  LBQ Arithmetic. Codes:
6HB: smg
6B: qqe
2)Year 4 have challenged us to some TT Battles this week. Year 4 won yesterday so let’s try and change that today!
Y6 Vs Y4
10 -12

Log onto Reading Pro. Read the Mayan book and answer the quiz. 
Today we are challenging you to create a Mayan mask. You may use whatever materials you choose.
Recycled materials
Craft materials
Drawing- simple pencil or vivid colours
Please remember to send us examples of your work – we love seeing them! 🙂
Miss Brockless and Mrs Hayton-Brooke

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