Good morning,
English: Log into Reading Pro- I have assigned you a book to read called ‘Amazon’. Please them complete the quiz once you have read it.
Maths: Complete the Skills Test attached- they are great to keep up to date with different skills before high school. Send me your completed test to mark please.
Angles questions- you do not need a protractor. Just use your knowledge of angles.
TT Rockstars: Yesterday, 6B did a great job and won. Children in school will be battling too- so join in today!
Spelling Shed: Earn honeypots
Extra Tasks: 
Design: This design task will more than likely fill up the remainder of the week. I would like to see your final designs. See attachment. Have a think about where the space could be. In the local park?
Why not find a karaoke version of your favourite song on you tube.
There are so many benefits to singing such as improved mental health, pain relief, happiness.
What is your favourite song?
Anything else you have been up to- send us photos/emails… I would love to see.
Have a great day.
Mrs Hayton-Brooke


Good morning, 
I have seen some amazing book cover re-designs. Remember there are only 4 days left. Get involved!
Please log into LBQ
Code: snh
Today you will continue with reasoning. If you are finding a particular question tricky- get in touch via email as I can help.
Please complete your comprehension task which has been attached. 
Send your answers and I will mark and return them.
TT Rockstars
Yesterday 6B won. 
Today let’s see if 6HB can catch up. Battle will be all day.
Spelling Shed
Let’s see if we can earn more honey pots. 
Extra Activity
Blue Peter are giving away a range of badges in return for your letters/ artwork/ models etc. 
There are a range of badges you can apply for!
Take the quiz to see which badge you should apply for and read the instructions on the website. 
If you earn a badge- you can enter for free to a range of attractions (child badge owner). 
Attractions include a range of places from Blackpool Pleasure Beach to ChillFactore snow play!
If you earn an award- I would love to see it!
Have a great day!
Mrs HB 😄


Writing Video- Miss Brockless & Mrs Hayton-Brooke

Good morning 😄
I hope you all had a lovely weekend!
Please see your link below to this week’s writing video. It’s short and simple, therefore I would definitely like to see your work!
If you haven’t yet- enter our redesign a book cover competition!
Read for 20 minutes. 
This week we will be looking at reasoning and problem solving.
LBQ Code: kbo
TT Rockstars
Battle 6HB .vs. 6B All day
Extra Task
Creating ambition and goals.
You have a wide range of knowledge and skills which one day you will want to use in a fulfilling job- something you will enjoy. You don’t have to decide now- but a little research helps to keep you motivated to learn and be the best version of yourself. I know many of you have ideas about what you would like to be, from police officers to vets, newspaper editors to electricians- every job is important and worthwhile. 
1) I would like you to think about what you would like to do as a job when you are older. If you aren’t sure- choose a job you might like to do or would like to know more about. Here is a comprehensive list for ideas:
2) List the skills you think you would need to be good at that job.
3) Research the skills you would need for the job.
4) Write down how you could develop/ learn them.
5) How much would you earn?
6) What qualifications would you need to achieve? 
7) What are the advantages of that job?
There are a range of informative sites which can help you with this task. 
Have a great day!
Mrs HB 🙂 

Home Learning

Good morning 🙂,
Yesterday a few of you sent me your first draft. It would be great to see more.
Over the next four days, I would like you to choose at least one indoor activity from the Disney themed exercises. I am going to try the Jungle Jig and Helping Heihei later. Helping Heihei looks particularly fun and great for developing communication, direction and problem solving skills!
Please see attachment/ photos at the bottom of this email. Today you are familiarising yourself with how to use the Stop Motion Animation app. I have attached step by step guidance.
Today I would like you to try and make a sequence of simple frames. Experiment with the size of movements, number of frames and ideas/ backdrop.
Tomorrow you will be planning a short story with a little plot.
Please log into LBQ to complete the activity converting between different units of volume/ capacity. It would be useful to explore different volumes in the kitchen if you look at a measuring jug.
How many millilitres of water does a mug hold?
What would this be in litres?
How many litres of water does a bowl hold?
Code: kdb (Just Task 2)
Today I would like you to re-read your writing from yesterday and edit it:
Have you used ambitious vocabulary?
Did you use ‘show not tell’ to emphasise the characters feelings?
Are both paragraphs fully punctuated?
Have you emphasised the change in tone and exaggerated the mood once Mr Blue appears?
Did you use conjunctions to emphasise the change?
Are your sentences varied in structure- parenthesis, main & subordinate?
Have you used any rhetorical questions of advanced punctuation such as semi colons to separate clauses?
Please send me a copy of your writing as soon as you are confident it is the best it can be.
REMEMBER the best writing will be chosen and you could win a prize and certificate!
Please log into read theory for 30 minutes.
Have a wonderful day! Please remember to send me your work, videos and photos of anything interesting you have been doing.
Mrs HB 😄

Home Learning

Good morning, 
I hope you had a fantastic weekend! 
Today (& this week) I have a range of exciting activities planned. 
Let’s start the week with mindful stretching and exercise: Cosmic Yoga


Please see today’s writing video. You are tasked with writing based on ‘Mr Blue Sky’. Use today’s weather to inspire your first paragraph.
This has been attached to this email and uploaded to our YouTube channel: https://youtu.be/dgk9VTHkdVo 


The music video you need to watch when asked during the session. https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=G8dsvclf3Tk
See attachment for conversion activity. See final page for the answer.
Spelling Shed
Complete today’s assignment! 
Computing/ Technology
This week you are going to be working on a stop motion animation project. 
It really is lots of fun and quite simple if you follow the steps each day. 
Today I would like you to research and prepare for the activities this week. 
What is stop motion animation?
How does it work?
Which famous animations use this technology?
What do you think you would like to make using Stop Motion Animation technology? 
Watch my example (2nd time trying) https://youtu.be/XZZ55NpDx60 How could I make it better? What worked well?


This week you will need to use a phone/ tablet with a camera, therefore you may need to ask to borrow one from a trusted adult at home. 
Today all you need to do in preparation is download the free ‘Stop Motion Animation’ app (see icon above) from Apple or Android. 
Tomorrow I will be sharing a guide on how to get started. 
You can use toys, food or even drawings to create your own short animation!
Another idea: some people use paper & drawings to create stop motion https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=Wo6-6ENTl7o


Have a great day! 
Mrs Hayton-Brooke 😄


Home Learning

Good morning,
I hope you are having a good week and staying safe in the sun.
Today I would like you to:
LBQ Measurement Problem Solving
TT Rockstars

Last day of battles today. Come on 6B!
Log into reading pro- complete a book and take the quiz
Inspired by Georgia O’Keefe. Share your pictures with us to put on our class blogs.