7 thoughts on “Happy Birthday to Creative Writing”

  1. Once in a normal street there was a little child called Amna and she is a very quiet girl she spends all day being quiet.She didn’t say a word about her birthday till it came and it was on the 1st of Febuary and then she realised it was tommorow. She was a person who is very diligent and hard working. The day of her birthday came and she was screaming and she got more than 100 presents and she was gobsmacked by all of them.She wondered what she got next time on her birthday?

  2. Happily, I woke up in my birthday I swiped the blancket of my whole body.As quick as a flash, I zoomed to the bathroom and brushed my teeth and washed my face. After that,I raced downstairs when suddenly everyone shouted a big surprise. I said thank you everyone but this time I said it louder as a lion roaring. Next,my mom sat me on the table and gave me a delicous breakfast. I had a yokey,yellow egg with two brown slices of bread after my starter I had a slice white cake with pink delicous icing.shockley,my mom layer a present on the table and I pulled it and opened it fast.shockley, when i opened it I was so surprised it was a Nintendo 3ds. My mom said come on let’s go upstairs and get u changed. Then she sent me to my cuzuns house. Sadly, I really wanted to stay home. After a while, I went back home and suddenly surprise I had a birthday party with cake and presents it was brilliant than ever.

  3. A very special poem

    Happy birthday to me
    I can’t wait to be 11
    I don’t want to be lazy
    I just want to open my presents
    Then my mum woke up and said to me
    “Have a lovely day honey go on go downstairs and open your gifts”
    And I got a pet puppy.

  4. It was a sunny morning when it was a special day for me.IT WAS MY BIRTHDAY!!! After that I got up and my mum gave me my special birthday breakfast.By the way my name is Maryam. Then I got in the bath and we all went out as a lovely family. Then we watch a nice movie and went to bed.

    By AJD

  5. Finally, it’s come after ages of waiting its come. My birthday! I close my eyes, block out the singing of my family: “Please, pleeeeeeeeeaaaaas let me get the doll, the doll who’s hair is beautiful and fair. The doll – who’s eyes are like a sapphire sea. I open my eyes. In front of me a cake (that is chocolate, my favourite) it’s amazing, my life is amazing and I love it; however it’s what’s behind the cake that amazes me. Right there, in front of my eyes a box, a box big enough to hold it…

    I lunge at it, ripping off the rapping paper – red and white polka dots. No it can’t be. I hate them. I have waited patiently for ages. I just can’t believe it.

    A skateboard, a boys skateboard, who do they think I am….

    My birthday, my only special day – ruined.

    I run upstairs, I won’t come out. No. No not now not ever. ” Please Moona, I’m sorry. I thought you’d like it. I’m sorry.”

    Just for that second a light shone down on me, sending a shiver up my spine. It’s not about the presents, it’s about my family. I understand now. I hope you do…!

  6. It was a sunny morning when a girl called Layla woke up in excitement.It was her birthday!!!She got up and got ready for school.After she got ready for school,her mum gave her special birthday break fast.when I went to school all my friends gave me a card and a present.When we were doing our work I won lots of prizes as well.It was the best day ever!!But at home time when she was handing out chocolates there wasn’t enough because people from her class had took a handful,so she was very upset so she started crying (so not every One got one).Then her best friend found a few chocolates in her bag so she got them and handed them out .Layla was then very happy and they were best friends forever

  7. On my birthday first l woke up and took the blanket of me.Then I got changed in my school uniform.Next I went in the black, shiny car and went to school.At the end of the day I gived yummy,delicious chocolates to everyone.Then I went back home.


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