Y6S turn their hand to creating diversity and anti-racism poetry.

This week, Y6S have been writing powerful poetry linked to raising awareness of racism. These poems will make people aware about the negative effects of racism and urge people to celebrate diversity.

Haylee, Fenn, Lyba, Maryam E, Megan

Racism is what we hate,
Let’s make a new change, don’t discriminate,
People are suffering everywhere,
In this world, it is unfair.
Racism is happening everyday,
So let’s tell those people to change their ways.

People suffer abuse because of their colour,
With racism in our lives, our world becomes duller,
It happens every day and night,
As people try to fight,
Don’t destroy their face,
Just because of their race.

Abdur, Amber, Ahmet, Andrew, Shayaan

The world is changing everyday,
Racism is spreading in every way,
Racist groups like the KKK,
Are still being hunted down by the CIA,
Let’s make a new start,
And give the world the love in our hearts,
If only you could make amends,
Can everyone just finally be friends?
Let’s all hold hands,
And spread peace across the lands.

Let’s start a brand new trend,
What type of love can we send?
Let’s try to extinguish discrimination,
To stop it from spreading across the nation,
Hated and abused because of who we are,
We will make sure racism doesn’t spread far.
We need to be brought together,
And make it last forever and ever,
Lets rid the world of separation,
And give respect to every creation!

Suleman, Adam, Callum, Mohammad, Hurab

Time is moving quickly,
Racism is spreading swiftly,
People are in despair,
Hatred is spreading everywhere,
I hope we can stop it within a blink,
People need to think!

We need to stop discrimination,
Happening in every nation,
This is happening every day,
We need people to change their way,
Give respect to all creation,
And rid the world of discrimination.

Usman, Qasim, Muhammed, Keeley,
Racism – the problem of our time,
Always on my mind,
Tormented, discriminated, sad,
Why is everyone so mad?
Racist towards my Dad,
Words can’t explain the pain,
It’s so lame.

Emilee, Julia, Maryam B, Zainab, Jordan, Lewis

People should not be seen as colours,
Let’s change this world and make it a better place,
Abuse is happening every minute of every day,
Why does the world have to be this way?
Will these cloudy days ever change?
Racism is spreading throughout these days.

Let’s flip a page and make a change,
No different labels, we are all the same,
Colours are not the true people,
It’s the insides of people that count,
It is time to start a new chapter,
Call us all you want because words won’t hurt us,
Never give up on your dreams,
Even if someone holds you down.


If only we could make amends,
Can everyone just finally be friends,
Let’s make a brand new trend,
What type of kindness can we send?
Can everyone change the trend?
This is what I intend.

People are in despair,
And judged by colour and their hair,
Let’s not make a tear in our hearts,
And not tear people apart,
Let’s celebrate our love,
And send everyone hugs.

Well done Y6S.
Mr Sharrock

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