56 thoughts on “Photography Portfolio”

  1. All of the photos are amaaaaazing and are fabulously great! However, by favourite is the pencils as you can see all of the detail it is fantastic and is marvellous.

  2. I really love the last photo it was really nice and my favourite is the one with a tap it is brilliant . We basically learn different types of photos such as portrait and landscape I really enjoy it . I would recommend it to a classmate or anyone above Ks2 .

  3. The pics are so good! I saw them all but I couldn’t choose which one I loves but I now chose the close up one of the tickets it’s just because of the zoom in and you could see it clearly.

  4. I like the picture of the pink flowers and I also like the buttercups!But my favourite one is the picture of the pencils put together at the point!✏️

  5. I like the picture of the grass because if you look carefully you will find dandelion seeds and my favourite flower is a dandelion!!!

  6. People should join photography club because you learn life skills and when you are older you can capture amazing memories and keep them forever. If you have a blurry picture you won’t be able to remember that moment. I think that you should join because this is an amazing club and you take pictures and learn different skills.

  7. At photography we take pictures using different types of skills like macro.Macro is when you do something really close up so that you literally get every detail.Photography is a fun and entertaining club which every one should have a go at even if they think that it is boring or they wouldn’t like it!

  8. You should join photo club because you learn about how to take good pictures and have lots of fun especially when making emoji stories:13️⃣and blew up.

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