Welcome to our school blog!

Our  blog will be updated regularly with information about school events, examples of children’s learning and also additional work and support for children at home.
Our class blogs provide our children with a real audience and purpose for writing, as well as sharing photos of the learning we undertake.
Please feel free to comment and give us feedback on any of our posts.
Your comments will be monitored before going live and then will be shared with the children.

3 thoughts on “Welcome to our school blog!”

  1. If someone is being mean to you online you should block them. Most websites tell you how. You can also report them. If they have sent you nasty texts or emails you can save the evidence. You can be brave and tell a trusted adult. Don’t reply back to their text ever.

  2. Tell a parent if someone is bulling you. If you get bullied in school tell a trusted adult. There are many types of bulling like: cyber bulling ,violence, etc. If someone said something mean on internet then you should ignore it.

  3. The Benefits
    you can see other peoples post and there videos and enjoy them because they can be inspiring and try the things they do out.you can text your friends and show them photos and videos that u both could like to watch or find funny.you can talk to your relatives or friends that are in a different Country then you.

    The dangers
    If you share your details anyone can hack into your account.


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