Creative Writing

Today, the KS2 Creative Writing pupils worked extremely hard together to create a paragraph about a perfect beach paradise. Take a look, and leave a comment!

Happily, the hot, bright, shining sun shone onto the sea and made the deep blue water reflect; also it made a colourful rainbow across the ocean. Slowly, the stunning, shiny shells walked in the shimmering blue ocean, which crashed onto the shore, but they unfortunately got rushed out to sea, never to be seen again. Nice, lovely palm trees, and green leaves that stuck out, waved in the gentle breeze. There was a long-lasting jetty in the hot scorching sun. Suddenly, the ropes on the jetty led my eyes to a secret hideaway. As I opened my eyes, I could see the elegant and enchanted hut, but this hut wasn’t any ordinary hut due to the fact that there was a hidden mystery. Rapidly, the stripy boat zoomed across the glistening, dazzling water; it was as bright as the hot, fiery sun.

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