Our special visitor

This week we have been learning about Chinese New Year.  Mrs Feng came to tell the story about why it is celebrated.  She shared with the children how she celebrated with her family and friends.  We loved looking at the beautiful pop up book, the window decorations and the beautiful red lanterns.  The children were thrilled to take home their own special red envelope and fortune cookie.  Happy Chinese New Year!

Afterwards, the children loved roleplaying in our Chinese restaurant pretending to celebrate with their friends.

Look how enterprising reception are! ‘Pop’ along to Devonshire Road’s Enterprise event to support Reception!

This week we made lots of decisions about what things we would like to make for Enterprise week. We decided as we like cake and lollipops we should make cake pops. Wish us luck as we attempt to make the cake balls, melt chocolate to coat them and sprinkle on our favourite toppings! Help support the youngest and cutest children in school!!




Another busy week in Reception!

We  have had great fun doubling numicon in class.

  ‘Do you know you have to add the same number twice?’


Bisma even used her learning while working in the sensory area.


This week we have been learning all about Chinese New Year.  The children have learnt the reasons why there are lots of lanterns , red colour and loud drums at Chinese New Year.

They also learnt  we celebrate in the same way sometimes and differently at other times.

Ayesha said, ‘They eat nice foods and I eat nice food on Eid too.’

‘They have fireworks , I like fireworks.  I had sparklers on Bonfire Night.’  said Gabriel.

‘They use the loud drums to frighten the monsters away, and red too!’ remembered Noah.

We had great fun making Chinese food for Tia Ten’s restaurant.

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