Giuseppe Acrimboldo

In Art the children have enjoyed learning about an artist called Giuseppe Acrimboldo! They have been completing some observational drawings of different fruits. In the final lesson we created a fruit face by arranging lots of different fruit altogether! 

Whitworth Art Gallery!


On Monday, the children went on an exciting art trip to the Whitworth Art Gallery in Manchester. The children had an opportunity to explore the different exhibitions and behaved wonderfully. In the afternoon, the children worked with an artist who helped them develop their portrait drawing skills! By the end of the day, the children had produced some wonderful work which can be seen in the pictures. Well done 2NH!

Vocabulary Challenge!

Vocabulary is really important in 2NH and every week we will be looking at and learning three new words. We complete different activities to help us understand the meaning of the word and also challenge the children to include their word in their writing or use it a sentence when they are speaking. These words are also displayed in the classroom.   By the end of the week, the children should be able to confidently tell you the meaning of the word, synonyms (words with a similar meaning) and also be able to use it within a sentence.   Please encourage them to talk about the words at home and challenge them to use the words as much as possible.

The words this week are:



Light hearted

Poetry Week in 2NH

As part of Poetry week, 2NH learnt and recited a poem off by heart. The children really enjoyed learning the poem which is called ‘Aliens Stole my Underpants by Brian Moses. The children were challenged to speak loud and clearly, to use expression and intonation and to also decide on some accompanying lessons. They worked really hard and refused to give up! Well done 2NH! Please .

Great Fire of London Games!

Using all of the knowledge and facts they have learnt this half term, the children had to create a board game as their end of topic activity. The children worked in pairs and had to think carefully about what their board game would be called, questions for their challenge cards and they also decorated it using their own ideas. The children had some excellent ideas about how to present their ideas and were extremely proud of their finished board games!

Elliot and Inaaya’s board game was voted as the best and included some really interesting and challenging questions!  Well done 🙂