Samuel Crompton

This week the children visited Hall i’ th’ Wood Museum to learn more about Samuel Crompton and see first hand the place that he used to live. The children impressed the guide with all their knowledge and learned even more from him. They were able to dress in Victorian clothes and try cotton spinning themselves. Check out our photos below:

Drama workshop

Today the children completed their first drama workshop with the actor Paul Simpson. The children completed several listening activities and listened to Paul perform several poems that they will be learning over this half-term. The children finished the session acting out the story of The Lion King. Everyone had lots of fun. Check out some of the action below:

Members of Parliament

For the last 2 weeks Year 3 have been learning about the role of parliament. Children were given the debate topic of ‘Should children be restricted to 1 hour per night of screen time?’ They discussed reasons for/against then decided which side they were on. The children then wrote arguments and counter arguments ready to be debated on our very own ‘Devonshire House of Commons.’ They debated with confidence and expression and did themselves proud. Check out the photos below:

Speedy Typers!

Today the children began to learn how to use all their fingers when typing. The children found it very tricky at first as their fingers weren’t used to it but most were typing much faster at the end of the lesson. Check out the photos below and if you want to try at home, here is the link:


Yesterday the children learnt about why we celebrate Remembrance Day. The children learnt about the significance of the poppy and explored the lives of soldiers and their families in WW1. They were surprised to learn that people from a variety of different countries, ethnicities and religions all fought during the First World War.

The children made origami poppies as a class to show their respect.

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