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That’s a wrap up!

Last week it was healthy living week, and for healthy living week, we decided to make some wraps. The children had already sampled some different wraps and had time with the fun food chef, so they had lots of ideas of what kind of wrap to make. The children were all very sensible with the equipment and enjoyed our indoor picnic (it rained).

Burning off the calories

Last week in 3N, we looked at sugar and calories within our science lessons. We looked at how many calories were in a serving potion of Starburst (which is 8  starburst) and we planned our own fitness routine to burn of the calories. There were around 160 calories in a serving of starburst, and the children worked out that they would have to complete 20 minutes of exercise to burn off the energy. The children were shocked at the time it took just to burn away some sweets!

Acting Talent!

On Monday, Mr Simpson was in listening to some of our performances of the poems that we have been learning with him. He was very impressed that so many of the children had learnt multiple poems. We also played some improvisation games and one child stood out for his expression and performance skills.

Last week we also wrote our own class Haiku – let us know what you think.


Well done Bakhtawar! You have won the pineapple of bravery this week!


500 word challenge

Class 3N were treated to a reading by our very own class author – Millie. She has written an interesting story about a family of foxes and the troubles that they have to face. Millie read her story to the entire class, who listened beautifully. Millie has written her story for the 500 word challenge and we wish her the best of luck!

3N are being dramatic

On Monday this half term Year 3 will be having a visitor called Mr Simpson, who is a professional actor. He is here to work with the children on their speaking and listening skills. This week we were introduced to some games which involved listening Andy using our bodies to reflect how we feel or what is happening. We also reinenacted the lion king, creating both the characters and setting to retell the story.

Sami, Elodi, Laquesha and Khalkha earned themselves a pineapple of bravery for learning their poems overnight!