Last week, whilst the children were in assembly, Year 5 had an unexpected extra-terrestrial visitor. It is thought that the alien was lost on the way to a different planet and now children are investigating further. We are currently writing newspaper articles in a plea for further information from the public. There is no need to be concerned, for they posed no threat to us.

Wind Turbines

What a treat this afternoon has been! Year 5B have been learning about renewable energy. We have researched why wind is a powerful source of energy using the Ipads and presented our findings to the rest of the class. Then we challenged ourselves by building wind turbines made out of cardboard and paper, which we are in the middle of testing.

Parliament Week

Last week was so exciting! Here’s what Lydia and Jacob had to say:

On Thursday, it was our Parliament debate. We discussed if we are polluting out planet with technology. We even had a member of parliament come in to tell us about his job. We came up with lots of interesting questions to ask him that we wanted to know the answers to. We really enjoyed him coming in and it helped us learn more about parliament.



This term our topic is ‘Earth and Space which includes work around are we damaging our planet?’. For your homework over this half term, we would like you to do a project that shows us what you know and have found out. Some things that you may like to do are:

  • Create a poem with figurative language.
  • Write a story set in space or the future.
  • Produce a diary entry from an astronaut.
  • Draw a poster about ways to save our planet. Write a list of 100 tips.
  • Write a non-chronological report about different aspects space/ saving the planet.
  • Create a chronological timeline of events..
  • Write a prediction of what life will be like in 100 years if we do not live sustainably.
  • Research famous astronauts or companies who work to clean up the oceans and recycle.
  • Write a newspaper article to report the devastating effects of disposing of plastic.
  • Make a recipe for space food– make it– take photographs.
  • Carry out a survey about recycling and create a graph or chart.
  • Draw or paint a scene from space.
  • Create a glossary of vocabulary related to Space or sustainability.
  • Make something 3D such as a house which allows sustainable living or a rocket (no larger than a shoe box size please due to display space).


Please ensure work is written in pen and drawings are completed in pencil. House point rewards will be given for fantastic punctuation.

Deadline: Monday 17th December 2018