Weekly Vocabulary

6A’s words for this week are:

  • yacht – a large boat with sails or a motor
  • filter – a device which light passes through to reduce particular light frequencies
  • nemesis – a situation, event or person which causes them to be harmed, especially as a punishment
  • circumstance – a condition which affects what might happen

Can you put them into sentences of your own in the comments?



This week, we had an amazing time at the Chill Factore in Manchester taking part in a beginner session of skiing. The staff at Chill Factore were amazing and extremely helpful, even assisting Mr Abraham when he fell over! A wonderful morning full of laughter, flossing and silly songs.

Year 6 went on their Crucial Crew visit today, looking at how to stay safe whilst they are growing up. It was extremely beneficial, learning lots from Bolton Lad’s and Girl’s Club, Dog’s Trust and Greater Manchester Police. They have not stopped talking about it since they came back – thanks to everyone who was involved!