Our wonderful trip to Smithills farm.

Everyone had an amazing time at the farm. It was lovely weather and we had so much fun! We learnt all about baby animals and how to care for them. Farmer Carl showed us how they milk the cows.

We loved having a ride on the tractor and the donkeys too.   At the end of the day we had a little play on the park and left feeling very tired!


Our special visitor

This week we have been learning about Chinese New Year. Mrs Feng came to tell the story about why it is celebrated. She shared with the children how she celebrated with her family and friends. We loved looking at the beautiful pop up book, the window decorations and the beautiful red lanterns. The children were thrilled to take home their own special red envelope and fortune cookie. Happy Chinese New Year!

Afterwards, the children loved roleplaying in our Chinese restaurant pretending to celebrate with their friends.

Vocabulary in EYFS

Since starting at Devonshire Road EYFS have learnt so many new words. Each week we focus on three new words, we learn what they mean, act them out, play games with the words and practise using them as much as we can. On a Friday we take home the new words to share with our parents/carers. Have a look at some of the words we have learnt this term and last term.