The Great Fire of London!

  The children have completed some outstanding pieces of homework which are now being proudly showcased on our topic wall. I would like to take this opportunity to thank you for your support; the children have clearly enjoyed completing their projects and have already learnt a lot about the Great Fire of London. The children presented what they had learnt is so many different ways, including some impressive artwork, detailed research, interesting timelines and even a song which was performed by Ibrahim. Please have a look at our super homework below.

Chris Green MP

Today, KS2 were given a wonderful opportunity to listen to Chris Green, the local MP for Bolton West, and ask him questions in preparation for our Parliament Week.

Children asked some excellent questions, such as, “How do you convince someone to agree with your argument?”

He was very enthusiastic and was an excellent speaker. Thank you for your visit!

Why was Stonehenge built?

In class on Tuesday we looked into the mystery of Stonehenge: why was it built, how did they build it and why did they build it where they did?

We started by looking at where the stones came from and the children were a little confused why they would drag stones all the way from Wales. Sami asked, ‘Why wouldn’t they just build it in Wales?’

Then the children stared to dig into reasons that historians have considered to be the reason why Stonehenge was built.

The children decided that they thought Stonehenge was built to measure when the summer and winter solstice occur.